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Exotic Bird guarantee
Health Guarantee:

We guarantee the health of our birds and stand behind them 100%. We encourage all new bird owners to have their companion bird checked out by their avian veterinarian within the first two weeks. We do not cover the expense of well baby checkups, but should any treatment be necessary, we will reimburse any medications prescribed. There can sometimes be minor bacteria present in a baby bird and should this be discovered, just send us the bill and we will send you a check. We do not participate in bird marts, bird shows and certainly not swap meets, so our birds are never exposed to possible carriers of disease or bacterial infections. In the unlikely event that something serious were discovered in one of our babies, we would most definitely want you to return the bird for a full refund or a replacement bird. HEALTHY, happy, socialized babies are The Beak’s number one priority and we stand behind that commitment to them and to you.