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  To all our “old” friends and our would be "new" friends:

Due to health reasons, Frank and I have had to close the doors of The Beak. All our birds have been sold to other breeders (it is very quiet here) and we look forward to their success.

Our love of these beautiful parrots remains and we will maintain our website for questions, comments and a source of information. Or just to visit…. We look forward to hearing from you.


Exclusively Ringnecks

Your Bird Experts

We will make a concerted effort to help folks connect with breeders who are handfeeding and socializing their ringneck babies.

In this regard, if you are a ringneck breeder and wish me to refer folks to you, please send me your information.

Debby Finn handfed all 54 of our babies last year while I was in chemo. She did a marvelous job. She has purchased half our breeder pairs and, I am sure, will continue to raise beautiful, socialized babies.

She can be reached at:
Debby Finn
Omar's Exotic Birds
6155 Balboa Avenue
San Diego, CA 92111

Enter our site at your own risk and be prepared to fall in love with the most exquisitely beautiful parrot and today’s newest star on the Red Carpet. Perhaps you know this parrot by its endless color mutations, but have you been introduced to it for its engaging personality, ability to talk and aptitude for tricks.

  Your Bird Experts Words of Wisdom:

"Give your new parrot as much time and attention in the beginning as you will be able to give it down the road." This means, don’t lavish hours of time and attention on your new companion bird in the beginning and then when work, chores, family schedules, etc. interfere, decrease the time you spend with your pet. Your parrot will not understand and will view it as withholding your time.

"A parrot is not a domesticated animal." The vast majority of our companion birds today are raised in a domestic setting. However, a parrot will always be a wild entity. This means as simply as – keep your bird’s wings clipped or he WILL fly away – to as complicated as your bird always needing his flock (that’s you). Most people know that a parrot is a very intelligent creature, but it will serve you and your companion bird well to be aware of his emotional needs as well.